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Improving Titanium Alloy applications startup time

Lazy loading controllers to improve startup time The problem A complex Titanium mobile application implemented using the Alloy mvc framework might have poor startup performance. From application startup until the moment that the user interface is finally presented on the device screen, a long time interval is experienced, leading to

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Debugging Titanium Hyperloop projects in XCode

Titanium is a cross-platform mobile application framework which was introduced back in 2008. It provides a common api to access native components (iOS, Android, Windows) from a JavaScript codebase. The core of Titanium is able to provide access to a big share of the native api's though not all of

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Listviews Titanium Alloy P1

(Demonstration code for this tutorial can be found at : https://github.com/rlustemberg/listviewtutorial) You must use ListViews TableViews and ListViews are very useful UI elements which allow for display of lists of data in a vertical scrollable way. TableViews were Titanium's original implementation of iOS’s UITableView and Android’

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